5 Reasons I Create Digital Art

5 Reasons I Create Digital Art


A solid part of my art making process is making digital art on the i pad with a program called Affinity Designer. Here are 5 reasons why i enjoy the digital format.

1. If you don't have time to paint, pulling out the apple pencil and the i pad is a great way to loose yourself creatively for several minutes during the day or evening.

2. Sometimes you don't want to get dirty, mix paint, sand wood or build frames. This is a good opportunity to charge up your apple pencil and make a few drawings or paint some quick designs.

3. If you are selling art online like myself, you are way ahead of the curve using digital art. You don't have to photograph your work. It is already set at a higher resolution and you can easily upload the new work to your blog post, website or social media platform.

4. When you are using real art tools you are pretty much stuck when put a mark down on your canvas or paper. Often I think I have a great idea and it doesn't look so great when you apply the brushstroke. It can be difficult to correct. With digital, it is as simple as tapping two fingers and erasing your last digital brush stroke.

5. For pure aesthetics, It is hard to beat digital. The colors are bold and bright if you want them to be. The choices of digital output are plentiful. You can print to paper, wood, metal canvas, tee shirts and hundreds of other media. I enjoy printing on paper, glueing to wood support and further working the image with painting and drawing tools.







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