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We all know that we are experiencing extremely difficult times. All businesses are struggling now. I always used to say that my day job as a food distributor was recession proof. People have to eat and restaurants seem to always be open and most seem to do a fairly consistent amount of business. That fact came crashing down the last several weeks as most food establishments except supermarkets are now on life support barely making a living doing meager amounts of carry out business.


So what does all those facts  have to do with an art practice you might be asking? Plenty. If  everyday retail and food businesses are faltering, what does that mean for impulse buys and non essential purchases like wall art? It all but guarantees that our art businesses are going to suffer greatly in the coming months.


I was just starting to gather traction with my art practice. I finally figured out that instead of searching  around  online art venues that I would be better served to network with my art on a local level. I recently had a good charity  art show and was looking forward to a pop up venue at a new Detroit Hotel location. Things were definitely looking good . I realize I can pick things up after the Coronavirus outbreak is over, whenever that may be. In the meantime all artists have to persevere.


Here are 5 reasons why artists must make art:


1. Like Mother Teresa who was on an unstoppable mission many artists have no choice but to create art. They often grow stronger and more determined in the face of adversity and hardship. Among the strongest and most successful artists I know are those who persevere no matter how bleak their situation or what obstacles lay in their path.


2. We must continue  to practice our craft in order to get better. Like a musician with scales, an artist has to engage with his art making tools.


3. When Henri Matisse developed cancer and became weak, he picked up scissors and started to create his famous cut-outs that took him into a new artistic direction. Many say it was the among best work he created.


4. When Frida Kahlo was stricken with chronic physical pain she was compelled to create extraordinary self-portrait paintings as a way transcend her physical limitations.


5. Every artist has to come up with a definition of what art is. It is a way to interpret the world. It is not the objects that an artist produces but the tools and the processes that he uses that contribute to the world as a way to handle things like Coronavirus. What is your opinion?


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