3 Reasons  Why Collage Has Become My Favorite Art Form

3 Reasons Why Collage Has Become My Favorite Art Form

A collage may sometimes include  bits of colored or handmade papers, portions of other artwork or texts, photo's or any other source material glued to a piece of paper or canvas. The origins of collage can be traced back hundreds of years, but this technique made a dramatic reappearance in the early 20th century as an art form of novelty.

Here are my 3 reasons why I love collage

1. I have a better jumping off point when I use found objects to start a piece. You start with a foundation other than a blank canvas.

2. A collage requires you to take your time and use your brain more. You have to spend a lot of time designing the composition by moving the pieces around in an aesthetic order before you glue them permanently.

3. The final arrangement can be very exhilaration because you can see  parts of drawings, paintings and source materials in a dynamic new art piece.

Here is a short video that shows my process in more detail.


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