3 Reasons Why I Became an Artist

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1. Many artists including myself have trouble concentrating for long periods of time. Art helps me stay more focused. When I am in the studio creating work, I am completely engaged but I also have the freedom to jump from one technique to the next which gives me the ability to not get bored. Mixed media allows me to paint, glue objects, sand a surface or spray ink on a surface. Enough distractions to keep me centered and captivated.
2. I enjoy making things with my hands. The whole idea of using my hands and mind in harmony and letting the art guide me, brings on recurring moments of joy that only the art process can bring about.
3. I love to share my images with others. Making art gives me the freedom to reach out to friends , family and new acquaintances. I can stuff their social media accounts and email boxes with new original paintings and digital works of art. Art making is a sort of addiction. Not like drugs or alcohol, but an addiction just the same. Some days I simply have to make work.

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