One of my latest digital collage artworks.

5 Ways My Artwork Has Developed During The Lockdown

Walk in the park

I try to look at some of the few good things that have come about from Covid-19. 

Working from home, more time with family, outdoor walks and exercise are a few that come to mind. Although outdoor walks in February can be a bit of a challenge in Michigan, we try to make the best of it.

I am convinced that having more time to expand my art process has had a positive influence on my work.

Here are 5 ways it has helped me in my art practice

1. I try to work every day in my studio even if I am tired and don't feel like it.

2. I have found a really great resource called Cranbrook Acadamy of Art Library. I do a lot of research there and check out some great books by artists, writers and curators.

3. I have implemented a repeatable process in my work. It consists of a trip to the lumber yard for plywood and frames. Making a digital print. Pasting it to the wood. Painting, drawing and collaging are the next step and the most creative part of the process. Finally putting the piece into the handmade frame.

4. I try to photograph and write about my work as soon as it is completed. This way it is still fresh in my mind. I'm trying to get better at Facebook and Instagram but it is still a struggle.

5. I can definitely see improvement in the quality of my work. With each new piece, I pick up subtle improvements in technique and composition. Check out the website for a look at the latest work and let me know your opinion.

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