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50 Years of Art Making



I would like to thank everyone for reading my blog and especially those who make comments and send thoughts and greetings. It is a small intimate group of mostly friends and relatives.

This month marks a special occasion in my life as I am celebrating my 70th birthday. As displeasing as it is to reach 70, I am grateful for all the positives in my life. My good health, my wife Linda, all my immediate family and friends, my part time job as a food distributor and most importantly my ability to make art and share it with a great audience.

I thought as a special tribute this month I would share my 2 favorite  images from each of the five decades I have been creating art and comment briefly about my mindset during the respective decade. I hope I don't bore you too much.

The 70's I was just trying to understand who I was and where I was going. Discovering creative pursuits like guitar and photography helped to guide me through those turbulent times.



 In the 80's getting married and having kids kind of put art making on the back burner for a while. I developed a passion for sports photography and my kids provides a wealth of photo opportunities.
The 90's was a busy time for my career running a food service business.  I continued to take photographs and enjoyed making photo collages of my restaurant clients. 
The 2000/2010 years brought tremendous growth as a photographer and digital artist. My passion for taking photos and transforming them with digital filters expanded significantly.
2010/2020 provided another excursion in my art practice. I started to work with hand made art making elements like painting, printmaking and minor woodworking. It was invigorating getting away from the more mechanical tools like a camera and the computer. Color and abstract forms are still the main
focus of my work.
2020/2030: Who knows where the new decade will take me artistically. I know I will continue to make art and hopefully you will still be with me on my journey.
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Thank you.
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