A New Art  Book : Contemporary Drawing in the Present Tense

A New Art Book : Contemporary Drawing in the Present Tense

A great book about Drawing by Claire Gilman and Roger Malbert called " Drawing in the present tense explores the vitality of contemporary drawing by looking at its diversity across seventy-four artists from around the world. Wonderful color photos from artists all over the world. Each artist holds drawing as a central part of their practice. These artists have something to say and they are saying it in dynamic drawings.

Here are some my favorites by an artist named Torkwase Dyson from New York. Dyson engages with the black communities on questions of environmental justice. She uses her brushes with delicate precision and epitomizes what the artist refers to as black compositional thought.


Another favorite is Nick Mauss also from New York. Mauss is an artist whose work is founded on an expanded concept of drawing, applied across sculpture , ceramics, collage and art curation.
Another advantage with contemporary drawings is if you are a collector. Compared to paintings, drawings can have a much better entry point for investing in art. You can purchase a nice original drawing for a fraction of the price of an original painting. 
Check out this wonderful book called "Drawing in the Present Tense".
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