Furious Dreams

A Simple Triptych

  • By Marc Garrison

A Simple Triptych

It is always a lot of fun when you get an image that you like a lot to turn it into a digital triptych. A triptych is an artwork that consists of 3 separate panels that have a relationship of some kind to each other.

When I have a good colorful image as the first one, I try to express it in a different interesting way in the other 2 panels. By using various blending modes in photoshop, I'm able to create some interesting offset designs with the artwork and yet retain t continuity by having repeating elements like the red and yellow patterns. Even though I used natural tools like paint,chalk and ink, I was able to scan the art work and manipulate further with the computer.

Another benefit to the triptych's is the horizontal wall coverage that it affords you when mounting the finished product for display.

p: 248-227-2120


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