Art On A Pedestal

Art On A Pedestal


Art on  a Pedestal



Many people value art strictly by the fame of an artist or the value of a particular work of art.  Artists like myself make art because we want to or need to because of a burning desire inside to push work out that needs to be made.

Think about your friend who plays guitar and plays in a cover band at the local bar. Or the poet who churns out hundreds of poems and reads them at a poetry reading. We are all in love with the process of doing our work. If we can make money, that is an added bonus. Making the work is validation enough for me and I'm sure that is the case for many creatives.

In the book by Linda Weintraub  : In The Making , She has a section called measuring success. " Success does not guarantee happiness. Receiving too little success is a familiar refrain in the field of art. Too much success can produce conflict, boredom and complacency. Too  much can cause resentment and jealousy on the part of others. Thus the appeal of success is tainted by the dangers of actually achieving it. It seems useful to calculate the benefits of pursuing success as opposed to actually achieving it."

Art on a Pedestal is a kind of parody on how people value art and falsely inflate the value of a well known artist. My art is not famous and not that technically proficient. I like it and that is what is most important.I enjoy creating mixed media compositions and will continue to  do so. The long process of planning , building and executing the artwork appeals most to me. I value your comments.



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