Furious Dreams

Back To Collage

  • By Marc Garrison

Back To Collage

One certainty that emerges in my work is that I keep switching the tools, surfaces and media. This can be confusing to people who follow my work as it transcends between photography, printmaking,abstract acrylic painting and finally mixed media and collage. Maybe it is that my attention span is short and I switch to keep the art making process fresh.

Collage allows me to incorporate all of the above media together as I see fit on a wooden panel. My love of paper is the central theme of all my art making. So I can use my photo's old monotypes and rip up images as I see fit to put on the support. I also paint and draw into the image. The hardest part is figuring out where to place the collaged elements using proper design principles.

This image called" Lost in Color" is an example of the tedious job of good collage work. Placing torn pieces of source materials, painting over them and scraping and sanding to get the right feel to make the artwork cohesive and interesting.

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