Glad To See Michigan Restaurants Opening This Week

Glad To See Michigan Restaurants Opening This Week

  • Michigan Coney Island

It is a relief to give the Michigan economy a shot in the arm this week with the opening of the beleaguered restaurant industry. Being a part of the food service industry I'm pleased to take a positive step forward for their survival.

This iconic image was taken in Southwest Detroit on Vernor Highway. I always have enjoyed photography and would always keep my camera with me in the event that an interesting photo op would present itself.

Vernor Coney Island is now repurposed to be the trendy Flowers of Vietnam establishment. I used to be amazed at the peeling paint and wonderful texture that the old crumbling building would show off as it's exterior facade. I never summed up enough courage to go in and try a meal. I figured if it looked that bad on the outside, it couldn't be any cleaner on the inside.

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Talk soon.

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