How an Artwork Develops

How an Artwork Develops

I thought I would show how I begin a work of art and how it works through the many steps of growth. I always like to start with a sheet of plywood. I like to paint the wood with acrylic gesso or regular white water based house paint. Then I begin to make some marks with the paint brush.


The next step is to add some red paint and to try to figure out where the artwork wants to take me. It is almost a moving meditation to let your mind relax and not to force anything at this point. The next step is to add some blue paint. Then on the right, I want to start adding in some collage paper with glue and scissors. Now the artwork is starting to take shape.

Now I have a cohesive image called Dreamscape. The back and forth between painting, collaging and inking the wood support is the most critical part of the process. It is also difficult to know when to walk away from a piece and say I am finished. Notice the subtle changes in paint color and small collage pieces to complete the project. I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial.


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