A new art collage I have just completed called Birds Eye View. 18 x 24 inches on paper attached to a plywood base. Lot's of textured elements make this piece so interesting. Great color balance along with creatively placed collaged paper pieces.

How I use Recycled Art Materials


I like to think that I help the environment when I create my art projects and I'm going to show you how I accomplish this feat.
My first stop is at my local lumber yard called Bolyard's lumber in Birmingham, Mi.

My first stop is the wood banding bin that I use for my framing materials. These pieces of wood are used for keeping the lumber in place on the lumber delivery trucks. When they return to the yard they are slotted for the dumpster.
The next area of interest id the 4'x8' strips of plywood. They often get damaged in transport with frayed edges or other imperfections. They have no commercial value so the yard allows me to purchase the plywood for a very discounted price.The employees are generous enough to trim the board down to useable sizes for my wood supports for my next painting project.

So there you have it. We are helping the environment by recycling lumber and keeping our costs down on those artworks that sit in the studio and don't exactly fly out the door as readily as  I would like them to.



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