How to Revise an Artwork

How to Revise an Artwork

Lately I have been into  revisions. My wife Linda had hip revision surgery. We have recently had to have a roof revision after the first one was installed incorrectly. So it comes as no surprise, I have developed a revision strategy in my artwork. 

I figure one out of ten artworks are good enough to sell or hang on the walls of my house. The rest of the sit in neat piles in my studio.

Since I have a lot of work that is already framed, it makes a lot of sense to go in and alter the artwork that is almost in a finished state. This allows me to recreate  what feels like a new creation without that much effort and a much better result. All I need to do is put some finishing touches on the artwork with some newer techniques that I have been working on. 

Here is an example below where I toned down the reds and added some blue color and some additional drawing. A much more balanced and interesting artwork. 

What is your opinion.

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