A great example of my digital work. A monochrome design  that I had a lot of fun creating. Simple with swift moving lines makes this image a great image for any home or office setting. Can be custom printed to any size.  Free shipping in the US. 12x16 or

Why I Begin my Artworks With a Black and White Print

Black and white art is important for many reasons. It gives you great contrast right from the start. it also puts marks down on the paper so you are not staring at white board or canvas.

The most important reason for my process is that a simple  black and white base is a great jumping off point for a more complete colorful abstract artwork.

The heavy printmaking paper that I use can take a lot of abuse from water, ink acrylic paint and collage materials. I run an image through my Epson printer and this becomes the starting point for my project.

Glueing the print to a wooden support gives the artwork a sturdy base. I follow up with my mixed media applications that consist of ink paint fabric pastel and collage pieces. Then I can add a wooden handmade frame to really enhance the finished product.



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